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Common Elements of Swiss Country Interiors

Swiss country homes are mainly characterized by wood. From the walls, furniture, to the floors, Swiss interiors may feature soft woods like larch, fir, and pine with untreated surfaces. Another unique element for Swiss design is wood parquet flooring which is very easy to install. Occasionally, the floors comprise brickwork and terracotta tiles. Sometimes, rugs
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How Swiss Design Changed Graphic Design For Good

Graphic designers today may appreciate the ability to use Swiss Design concepts in their work. However, the revolutionary aspect of this movement that came to life in the mid-20th century remains largely unexplored. In this post, we look at some of the aspects of design that Swiss Design revolutionised for good. Read on. 1. Use
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How to Prepare for Auctions to Acquire Swiss designed Antique

The Swiss design that is presently adopted by many designers began in the year 1950s. Since then, there have been several phases of modernizing the design into better and advanced styles. Although the implementation of technology has led to improved designed items, some people are still enthusiastic about antiques. Finding the old items is hard,
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Welcome class to your kitchen with world-acclaimed design

If there is one style of doing things that has been taking the world by storm, it has to be Swiss design. The style has traversed pretty much every area that involves creation- from creating typefaces to building houses, creating websites and, well, making furniture. Swiss style revolves around two things: simplicity and functionality. It
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What Exactly Is Swiss Design?

The term ‘Swiss Design’ is a common, yet confusing, one to many people. A lot of people have a problem understanding whether it refers to a typographic style or a general way of coming up with creations in art and architecture. Well, whatever your thinking is, you have a point. This article will build on
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Koller – The One & Only Swiss Auction House

Since 1958 Koller has been a traditional family firm. In 1998, the current family management team instigated a modernisation and expansion, with the company now having two auction houses in Zurich and Geneva. With a reputation for 19th-century impressionist and modern art, together with Old Masters, they are at the forefront of the European Auction
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