Bring Swiss Design Functionality to Your House Gardening With Planta App

Swiss design is one of the elements that coincided with the beginning of the digital age whose influence and popularity have persisted to date. The power of the design which focuses on simplicity and function has moved from typography into fields like web design and architecture.

And now you can apply its brilliance to your house gardening, thanks to the Planta app. Just like Swiss Design focuses on the product and lets the artist fade to the background, the Planta app helps you to have awesome house plants without appearing like you are struggling.

The Planta app does this by simplifying the tasks of plant identification, care and treatment. With reminders for the most important plant routines, the app will help you grow admirable house plants and have people say that you do it ‘effortlessly.’

How Does the Planta App Incorporate Swiss Design?

To understand this, it is important to look at the elements of Swiss Design and see how the app compares with them.


The famous Swiss Design, in its earliest form, advocated for simplicity over fanciness. It brought to being the easier-to-read sans-serif fonts to replace the earlier ones which focused on beauty rather than effective communication. Right from the moment you get on the Getplanta website, the awesomeness of its simplicity will strike you. The same goes for the app. It focuses on the job at hand. There are clear buttons when you want to set watering schedules, identify a house plant, prepare a database, read about a care schedule, find the spot with the best light, or talk to Dr Planta.


In Swiss Design, each element that makes up the design should also serve a practical function. The responsiveness of the Planta app will leave you in awe. With a single tap, you get to useful information from the specific tab. Navigation around the app is much easier than probably every other app you have on your iPhone.

Standing out

Despite their simplicity, Swiss Design products always stand out. The Planta app icon is noticeable from a distance both on the app store and among other apps you may have installed. In return, using the app consistently will make your house plants stand out. You will be able to identify the best plants for your house based on the info you learn from the app with regards to things like light, climate and seasons. Your plants will also stand out effortlessly because of the delightful Planta app care guidance.

Many people find it hard to grow house plants because they kill them all too often. This comes either from ignorance or innocent forgetting. That anyone thought of an app to help everyone maintain beautiful and healthy house plants is an idea of genius. That the Planta app has all the good features of Swiss design is divine!

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