Using Swiss Design-Inspired Art to Complete Your Interior Decor

In modern designs, be it online or physical, there is a continued emphasis on all components being functional. For instance, the beautiful features of a teapot should also make it more efficient. They could make it more stable, ensuring it does not clog, etc.

This convergence of style and simplicity is borrowed from Swiss design. The design is a way of doing things so that ‘the art becomes prominent and the artist retreats to the background.’ It is especially prevalent in interior decor, where elements like paintwork, furniture and wall-art work in a complementary manner.

Posters as a Complementary Element

Once you have equipped your space with essentials like chairs and tables, you need to go for something that completes the look. Posters and wall-art work perfectly to give your decoration a final touch. However, you need to ensure you use the best posters that you can get. This is in terms of both style and quality. You, therefore, need to get your art from a trusted source like the website. The online shop stocks the best posters you can think of. Their art is inspired by Scandinavian works which borrow heavily from Swiss design.

What is Swiss Design?

Simply put, this is a principle of creating items that emphasise simplicity as an element of beauty and functionality too, creating simple items that stand out and work perfectly. The artwork on Dear Sam represents these ideals perfectly. There are numerous poster designs to go with whatever decor theme you prefer for your space. You can opt for abstract art, line art, botanical-inspired art, fashion, posters of icons and music, among my others.

The convenience of shopping on the site is also admirable. You pick and pay for everything on the site, then sit and wait for your delivery in 4-7 days, which are free for purchases exceeding £89.

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