How Swiss Watchmakers Can Utilise An Intranet

The Swiss are well known for their innovative design of watches. The best companies of this type still use techniques that have been favoured for generations. However, they also know how to take advantage of the right technology. For example, the firm might have an intranet system in place. Watch companies can visit if they wish to set one up. It can give them a serious advantage.

In order to be legally called Swiss made watches these timepieces have to conform to stringent rules. As a result their high quality is guaranteed. For this reason people around the world desire them. Efficiency is a common trait. The company needs to run as productively as possible. Their workforce should be able to communicate with each other. A good intranet system will encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing. It should also give the administrator plenty of governance and monitoring power. With the right intranet the Swiss watch firm will be able to outshine their business rivals.


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