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How Swiss Watchmakers Can Utilise An Intranet

The Swiss are well known for their innovative design of watches. The best companies of this type still use techniques that have been favoured for generations. However, they also know how to take advantage of the right technology. For example, the firm might have an intranet system in place. Watch companies can visit if
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Setting Up a Graphic Design Business

If you have artistic flair and an eye for detail, then a career in graphic design could actually be your ideal job. You could employ your skills in many areas, such as advertising posters, websites or magazine covers. You may even choose to specialise in just one area, such as Swiss Design, which is becoming
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Using Swiss Design To Modify Vans

The main ethos of Swiss Design is a focus on simplicity and function. Whilst people tend to utilise this form of typography primarily in art and interior decoration the method has a plethora of other functions. It can aid anyone who wishes to modify their van for work or tourism reasons. It is wise to
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Complement Your Swiss Design with Green Rugs

We hear the term Swiss design every now and then, right? However, not very many of us understand what it is exactly. In simple words, Swiss design was a 1950s design that focused on objectivity, cleanliness, and readability. That aside, let’s focus on why you need green rugs in your home to complement your Swiss
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Bring Swiss Design Functionality to Your House Gardening With Planta App

Swiss design is one of the elements that coincided with the beginning of the digital age whose influence and popularity have persisted to date. The power of the design which focuses on simplicity and function has moved from typography into fields like web design and architecture. And now you can apply its brilliance to your
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Using Swiss Design-Inspired Art to Complete Your Interior Decor

In modern designs, be it online or physical, there is a continued emphasis on all components being functional. For instance, the beautiful features of a teapot should also make it more efficient. They could make it more stable, ensuring it does not clog, etc. This convergence of style and simplicity is borrowed from Swiss design.
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The Guiding Principles Of Swiss Design

Swiss design is also known as the International Style of Design. It originated from Switzerland, back in World War II. Thanks to a famous architect from France and Switzerland named Charles-Édouard Jeanneret, better known as Le Corbusier, Swiss design became internationally recognised. Le Corbusier was part of the International Design movement and he was the
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Using Swiss Design to Improve Your Everyday Projects

When you delve into the world of design, there is a high probability that you will come across the term ‘Swiss Design’ in your early days. Once you discover it, it will keep popping up in your conversations and your reading more and more. It is one of the most popular sources of inspiration when
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Swiss Style Typography

Many people may associate the words Swiss design with a type of furniture or home decor. Still, it can also relate to the International Typographic Style. This is a particular type of graphic design that is commonly found on posters and prints throughout the world. The Origins of Swiss Style Despite its name, this type
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Using Recycled Waste to promote Swiss Design Style

Environmental conservation is a concept that has been embraced globally. More organizations are stepping up and making their small contributions in preserving our planet. Notably, the Swiss country is renowned for its contribution to the recycling process. This is due to the presence of waste recovery, separation, and collection systems in place. The energy powering
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