Using Swiss Design to Improve Your Everyday Projects

When you delve into the world of design, there is a high probability that you will come across the term ‘Swiss Design’ in your early days. Once you discover it, it will keep popping up in your conversations and your reading more and more. It is one of the most popular sources of inspiration when coming up with design projects, and for a good reason.

What is Swiss Design?

The term ‘Swiss Design’ is used to describe a style of creation made famous by designers within Switzerland across the 1950s. However, the original style was in place from much earlier on, with reported existence in Germany, Russia and The Netherlands from around 1920.

This reference referred to a typeface that was simple and direct. Over the years, however, it has made its way to other areas of design, including building websites, architectural design and the arts. It is a source of inspiration that you can embrace in your projects too.


Swiss Design emphasises simplicity. It seeks to push the design elements to the background and allow the results to stand out and communicate clearly. When landscaping for a property, even on your home compound, these factors can immensely help you. An incredible landscape should send out good feelings to all those enter it. It should not be cluttered and everything on it, the trees, pathways, flowers, etc., should have a clear purpose of existence. The feeling of being spacious borrows directly from the Swiss design model.

Interior Decor

Swiss Design simplicity reflects beautifully when used in interior decor. It comprises of different elements working together to achieve the desired theme. When decorating your interior, you should ensure things such as wall paintings, flowers, carpets and furniture work in harmony. Only enough of each decor element should be used. The individual components should not have too many decorations that make them stand out at the expense of other features.

Office Layout

Open office layouts are continually gaining popularity in workplaces around the world. With many people in the same space, it is essential to have only what is required in that area. Swiss design would dictate that your office allows easy movement of both people and items. Every item should be strategically placed to serve each office member. Things such as water dispensers should be installed so that they are not likely to trip up workers as they move around.

Swiss design is all about simplicity and directness. It is a style you can incorporate in pretty much every plan you take on and achieve great results. Give it a try in your next project!

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