Complement Your Swiss Design with Green Rugs

We hear the term Swiss design every now and then, right? However, not very many of us understand what it is exactly. In simple words, Swiss design was a 1950s design that focused on objectivity, cleanliness, and readability. That aside, let’s focus on why you need green rugs in your home to complement your Swiss design.

Yes, rugs protect delicate floors, prevent noise, and keep cold at bay. On top of that, a rug it is a colourful, artistic piece that you can add to your Swiss designed interior for a more complete look. When it comes to design trends, rugs take the centre stage; gone are the days when these accessories would only play a supporting role. In fact, decor experts nowadays are using rugs as a reference in setting the tone of any space. But why green rugs?

Why Green Rugs?

It doesn’t matter what shade of green your rug is, the crux of the matter is that any green colour will add serenity and invoke peace in your space. Besides its restorative effect, the colour comes with loads of other benefits.

Another benefit of a green rug is that it has a soothing and calming effect. Combined with simple and clean furniture, it will add a modern look to your space, without sacrificing the contemporary feel of your Swiss design.

Versatile? Yes. While not as versatile as black and white rugs, green rugs can be set in almost every space, be it in the living room, bedroom, entryway, or any other place in your home, and it will still look great. What about the dining room? Well, a green rug in the dining can only give your guests peace of mind and spark appetite. Your green rug can be mixed and matched throughout your room to create a layered feel, which will boost your room’s natural ambiance and look. Of course, the best choice could be combining your green rug with rust, golden yellow, cream, and other nature-inspired colours.

Where to Find Green Rugs for Your Swiss Design

Want to treat your feet with some love but don’t know where to find green rugs? Look no further than Trend Carpet. Here, you will find a huge assortment of stylish green rugs, never to be found elsewhere. Whether you’re after a small piece that will not appear to be over the top for your Swiss design or you’re looking for a larger rug, they are all found at this online store. If you choose Trend Carpet for your carpet needs, you will be choosing quality, durability, and comfort. The store offers the solution that anyone will love to have in their space.

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