Swiss Style Typography

Many people may associate the words Swiss design with a type of furniture or home decor. Still, it can also relate to the International Typographic Style. This is a particular type of graphic design that is commonly found on posters and prints throughout the world.

The Origins of Swiss Style

Despite its name, this type of design originated in Germany, the Netherlands and Russia in the 1920s. It can still be seen today, and posters using it will typically have modern frames and clean lines. You can emulate this style in your own home by visiting the Desenio website and searching through its vast collection of posters, prints and frames.

The Mathematical Connection

Swiss Style typically incorporates the use of a mathematical grid and text. As you can imagine, when used as a poster, the stark lines will require an elegant frame to display the print to its best advantage. Desenio are renowned for their high-quality frames, all available in eight different sizes. Using their sort and filter options, you can quickly find just the right surround for your Swiss Style poster.

A Means of Communication

The Swiss Style posters were developed as a way of communicating ideas through the use of photography and text. In fact, when browsing through the Denesio website, you will probably see many examples of the Swiss Style, even though it may not be labelled as such. Try searching for advertising posters, particularly any with grids. Having made your choice, head over to the frames section to add the finishing touch.

Adding an element of Swiss Style to your decor will bring your home bang up to date, yet with a design that echoes the past.

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