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Koller – The One & Only Swiss Auction House

Since 1958 Koller has been a traditional family firm. In 1998, the current family management team instigated a modernisation and expansion, with the company now having two auction houses in Zurich and Geneva. With a reputation for 19th-century impressionist and modern art, together with Old Masters, they are at the forefront of the European Auction
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Swiss Style, Is It the Best Style?

Swiss Style, also known to many as International Typographic Style, is a graphic style of writing that started in Russia, Germany, and the Netherlands. This highly influential design influenced graphics as part of a modernist movement but also architecture and art as well. The Style in a Nutshell There are some notable looks when it
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Swiss Design – Order Out of Chaos

The saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” might be very true. However, what is even more truthful, almost to the point of universality, is that functionality and practicality trumps beauty any day. It is precisely this premise that the International Style – or commonly known as the Swiss design – espouses to
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Swiss Style in graphic design

 Swiss Style in graphic design The so called Swiss Style had a serious impact on the history of modernist design, and it dates back as early as the 1920s and ‘30s. The style originated with graphic artists who were thinking in a whole new way, seeing design as something that could be linked to industrial
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Swiss Army knives and watches

Swiss Army knives and watches For many of us, the first thing that comes to mind when we think about Swiss design are the quintessential Swiss knives and Swiss watches. They’re iconic, and for good reason. Swiss army knives The original Swiss army knife was manufactured by the two Swiss companies Victrinox AG and Wenger
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Swiss design capital

Swiss design capital There is no doubt about it – the words “Swiss design” have a bit of a luxurious ring to them. Traditionally you might think of watches or army knives wh en you hear Swiss design, but the fact is that Switzerland have caught up on other aspects of design as well. Swiss
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Switzerland’s 5 Best Designers

Switzerland’s 5 Best Designers Switzerland has an impressive history when it comes to design, and have supplied great creative minds in several design fields. It is easy to think that the best or most important designers are those whose names we recognize, and whom we instantly can connect to their design. That, however, is not
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